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Licensed Practical Nurse Education – LPN Training and Exam

When considering whether or not to go to nursing school, a lot of people opt for the licensed practical nurse education instead of registered nurse programs. The reason for attending LPN school instead is because this program only lasts a year. Further, because you can get licensed in a year, you can go out and work quicker. A lot of LPNs do this and then go back to school later for their RN degree once they have some experience.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require that a licensed practical nurse passes a license exam. This exam is called the NCLEX-PN. When they pass this, they are considered to have completed their licensed practical nurse education.

Most of the time a high school diploma or GED is required to get into the program. However, there are high schools that work with vocational training centers and a lot of the time these kids are taking the LPN training while they are still in high school.

LPN education can be obtained at local vocational centers and technical schools, or even at the local community colleges. Sometimes universities will offer the LPN diploma program, but usually they reserve their nursing programs for the RN degree.

When going through LPN training, students participate in classroom study with an instructor along with clinical practice in the hospitals or nursing homes in the area taking care of patients.

Their study includes anatomy and physiology, pediatrics, medical-surgical areas of nursing, and psychiatric nursing. Licensed practical nurse education also includes training in the administration of medications, nutrition and first aid.

In order to become licensed, a student first has to complete their LPN program. At that point they are allowed to sit for the NCLEX-PN. Passing this exam is required in order to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. There are four major categories of information covered on the NCLEX-PN. Further, this test can be as little as 85 questions or as many as 205. It depends on how many you get wrong as to how many questions are asked. The test can take as long as five hours as well.

Just because someone completes their licensed prcatical nurse education and passes the NCLEX-PN doesn’t mean they will be a great LPN. LPNs should also be caring people. They need to be emotionally stable because working with the injured and sick can be hard on them. Being observant and having great decision-making skills is very important in this position as are communication skills. They have to be able to explain to their patients how to care for themselves at home.

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Comparative Analysis of Education and Training in the East and the West – A Critical Review

Since December 2005, I have been seeking a suitable solution for various differences between the upbringing of the generation in Europe and in the East. Although I spent 5 years in Germany – A major country of Europe – but the experiences of the past two year somehow opened my eyes and washed my brain from my dusty and unclear images of the European social system, which I will explain here. In fact the schooling and educational training is the key factor for the completely difference in livings to that seen in the East.. The base is the start-up or foundational education system in the schools.

Specifically speaking, the subcontinent, the heart of tradition and cultures is a mixture of various kinds of personal values and traits found in one’s character! These are somehow basic instinct of any human being in any part of the world. Such as human feelings, passions, emotions etc. these can not be refined and polished. Now apart from these basic heredity institutions there exist other values which decide difference between us and a European. The difference can be integrated in clear structure if the system of the two is quite clearly understood!

The pupil in school have been brought up in an education system with scenarios of culture, half-history, geography, science and most of the part hinges upon religious bondage and social ethics. Religious and ethical limits sanction utmost in society and in family. A person is free to think, utilize his capabilities in some aspects of life but boundary conditions exit too. It can be pro and contra for the generation there! Text syllabus of The East – Subcontinent -ranges all the basic international standards censored with some “extras” of life. What is needed there is an introduction of basic foreign languages at the school levels. For many years English has been the only foreign language taught in the schools but considering a great demand of other language in future, it would be highly preferred if they start to become thoughtfulness to fringing a good broad spectrum of world’s famous languages into the syllabi.

Generally, languages are chosen as English, Urdu; Arabic, Persian…no other major language which one critically analyse as a major failure in the schools. Optional and compulsory subjects are somehow chosen in “a ladder-way”… It means that if the elder member of the family has become a Medical doctor, the younger will also choose the same subjects regardless of his own mental aptitude and inclination, may be he or she is a good teacher or journalist. It is somehow a wrong trend of development as contracted in Germany where students are given opportunities in order to flourish their academic peaks and then they decide somehow to find the right profession. Compulsory subjects are basic sciences, mathematics, geography of the land and Islamic studies. So the concepts of refined on the principles of Islam

Now let us have a glance at the German system of schooling. Scientifically known that a general “start-up” of a child’s character shaping start from the mothers bally. The hierarchal characteristics from parents play a vital role. When he is in the school, he is given – better to say – he learns a lot about his surroundings. In Germany, what one observes is a good educational scenario which is often seen in all school which ranges from the compulsory and optional subjects, language, technological etc…Religion and ethics are treated somehow with equal importance. What fails here is, somehow, the barrier between mingled sexes, illustration of sexual relations. The training in the schools is somehow critical view to comment.

The government proclaim it to be a step to so-called control the population and many diseases. May be its delicate to reveal such remakes but look at the growing statistics of separation and family matters although they have a good general education. The sense to focus here is that their brain is shaped in such a way that what they learn besides good worldly life is only stress free life, holidays, freedom of mind, somehow a little respect towards their parents who lives independent life in separate homes. No one “disturbs” each other or up to a certain point which is to not bother them… but on the other side a good academic life is seen in youngsters and elders. The system somehow, shapes them and nourish inevitably in such a life style independent of being Muslim of Pakistan or Iran, or Buddhist of China…build then into a complete opposite person to that brought up in the East mainly in Pakistan or Arabian lands.

In European schooling system, what we observe here is the fact that, first, there is freedom of doing everything, anytime! You can just suggest someone some thing but can not order. It is seen also in the articles of German laws which give priority to human freedom! Consequently it generates first a scene of independence which up to a certain limit, admirable and desirable. Because this independence leads one to stand up on his own feet when he is left alone, it is helping to shapes his personality by his own hands. But generally, neutral observation shows that most of the cases are adverse effects. The educational materials are based on more or less no religious lessons and if yes, the interpretation has been altered such that it only fits them. Viewing this part of the world through a wide vision glass, one can image a good materialistic growth, technological apex, fast media and communication, and robotic life but sorrowfully saying, individual personalities are declining.

On one side the official syllabus and taught text books are full of the knowledge improvement like geography, science, technology, human rights but on the other side they cross the limits such as the open education in schools about Sex and methods which eventually, more or less, lead youngsters losing their virginity; no care of dresses or school uniform which symbolizes a well-shaping, discipline and “to follow” nature of a child; in deed respect to others. One can conclude this is a natural human instinct which people have modified now days into education… one does not need any special teachings for “milli-meter jobs” and stuff like that.

Result! where on the one hand one leads a somehow educationally balanced personality but somehow on the other hand, critically speaking, personal social life are crushed and going to be ruined without any notice. The life sketches as into the children of an unmarried mother living with their step father’s family. Marriage also seems to be a game of time! Because, many school of thoughts proclaim it as bondage to develop child’s personality. Luckily, there are some associations of Christian and Muslim too and other religions which show time to time programs in order to revive the matrimonial importance in the young generation. But unfortunately the laws bound the hands of such association to implement the God given doctrines. There are some courses too, to track the disoriented couples who spend vain and reward-less-period years before even thinking to buy the ring-of-marriage. Anyway all depends on the basic foundational education of the youngsters.

We blame each others on the bases of one’s so-called faith. But if one could analyse with one and only a neutral view point to single out those factors which perturb the association or a relation, one would easily come to a conclusion that true Islamic regimes, with its hidden wisdom, beat and synchronize the heart of the people to compare them with other pattern of lives. Before becoming emotional and touching the feelings, just factor out the reality in nature around you!

It is observed that the tendency of a human personality develops according to the surroundings. Well! The point is to convey is the hierarchal influence of social values which is significantly added by the parental authority in bringing up the children. To a major extent the schools sharpen and shape the character of a child in Germany. Recommendation should be given “with compulsion” that everyone should get some special subjects with supporting religious reforms for the child. At the end one would finish by feeling somehow a need of Islamic schools in Germany for the brought up of Muslim children or any others who want to know the truth of/in Islam in Germany. It is not because of differentiation or integration but as to highlight the matter which is only the approach to teach them the real values by which Islam flourished in its peak in the past 1400 A.H. year ago!!

The Best Kids Play Equipment is Educational and Instills Values

These days, most kids just want to play indoors. After a tiring day at school and all the playing they do in the school yard, they usually just collapse when they get to the house. After having some snacks and a little rest, their energy will return and they will be looking for something to do again. There are some things they can do at home if you provide the best kids play equipment for them to use. Playing indoors doesn’t have to be a bad thing or destructive if you find the right kind of indoor toys for them.

The best kids play equipment for the home should be constructive and educational. It’s important for them to develop skills, learning abilities and social interaction. Indoor games are excellent for improving concentration and patience, even if they are video games that most parents abhor. There are actually some video games that are educational and train a child’s strategy and planning skills.

Buying the best kids play equipment isn’t a justification for you to not make time each day to play with your children. It is just a tool to keep them busy while you have to attend to other obligations. When purchasing indoor toys, you have to consider your kid’s age, likes and dislikes, safety, available space, maintenance and purchase cost. Toddlers are impressionable; they’re also at the age where their character and attitude to learning are being molded. You’ll need to get toys that will help them learn quickly with a positive attitude to education.

Kids like to imitate their parents, little girls follow what their moms do in the kitchen and boys will do what their fathers do with their cars and tools. I’m not trying to set a cliché but this is how it typically goes. Most girls will love Barbie dolls, playhouses and mini kitchens while boys may prefer racing tracks or building things from scratch with car or airplane models kits.

Board games are classics. Of course newer board games have been invented since we were children. Board games teach our children how to plan their strategies, be patient and learn to accept defeat. This is going to help them face similar scenarios in the workplace as adults. Playing board games also encourages family bonding and enables the whole family to participate. While you play with them, you can also instill values like honesty and patience. Parents should never teach kids how to cheat by doing it themselves.

Although you may be buying the best kids play equipment, you still have to check if they are age appropriate, educational and safe for your child. Never buy a toy that you like because you aren’t the one who will be playing with it. Pick toys that your kids want to play with but are also advantageous for them. If the best kids play equipment are just too expensive, you could make some from scratch if you have the time. Your children can also help you make them. This also teaches them the value of money and how to make something work by being creative.