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5 Ways to Educate and Empower Your Network Marketing Downline

Your downline is your most valuable resource in network marketing. Without them, you’re really just part of someone else’s downline, and while that might be just fine, if you want to grow your business and excel, you need a powerful downline of your own.

These people will be the ones that create their own downlines and lift you further to success. One of the best ways to help create a strong downline is to learn how the sales funnel parallels the MLM industry. The sales funnel model will help you understand how downline prospects move from first glance to solid performer.

MLM works best when you train your downline well and connect with them in a way that creates trust and excitement. Your people will work harder for you if they know you are working hard for their success, too.

Training is probably the most effective way to keep your empower your downline, and keep them from dropping out. If you abandon them once you’ve got them, you’ll lose them quickly. Here are some suggestions for training that will help keep your downline happy and working hard:

  • Start a blog. Share your tips and tricks. Share your stories. Share what you’ve learned so far and share your dreams for both you and them.
  • Offer phone consultations. This is a great training tool. If your downline feels that they can actually talk through questions or issues they’re having with you, they’ll feel like you’re investing in them and their success. You can set up hours that you are available for phone consultations and make appointments via email.
  • Send them newsletters using an auto responder that are packed with information about the products, and how they can generate their own downline.
  • Send them emails that give lessons, or direct them to articles that might be of interest, such as articles about the need to treat network marketing as a business, not a hobby or how to use free Web 2.0 resources for lead generation.
  • Talk to them via blog, newsletter or email about the importance of promoting the product and give them tips about how to do that.

If you put forth the time and energy, you can educate and empower your downline to excel at their own MLM business. Network marketing takes work and effort both on your part and your downline’s part.

If you’re willing to invest in them, they will put forth an effort that will meet and exceed your expectations. You won’t have to worry about losing people. They’ll stay because you’ve created an atmosphere of trust and growth, so they’ll feel encouraged and motivated.

Make sure you share examples from your own network marketing journey. Share the knowledge you’ve gained through your professional ups and downs – be human to them. Doing this will empower them to pursue their own dreams of success!

YourNetBiz Review – Online Business Opportunity and Training Program

YourNetBiz is an online business opportunity and training program created by Rob Hannley which is a re-brand of the My Internet Business program. The program is touted to help individuals create massive success online through it’s top tier affiliate opportunity. Here is a simple review of the program and opportunity.

YourNetBiz is simply an online business opportunity and online or Internet marketing training program formerly known as My Internet Business. The cost of the program depends on which of the four packages the individual chooses that begin at the bronze level at $495, Silver level $995, Gold level $1995 and platinum level at $2295. The product itself is not only the affiliate rights to the program a so-called business in a box, but also resell rights to all of the information products as well.

The program does offer online marketing training for it’s members, but is this truly 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching? The answer is no, the coaching and mentoring will be through live webinars and teleseminars. To help the individual with their education there will be video and text tutorials available through the system. To truly harness this educational opportunity the individual should search out a solid sponsor to join with who will be available to help them through the learning curve of online marketing.

The products with YNB will be focused on the program itself first and foremost and recruiting others into the opportunity to retain a direct sales commission. The other main products include a variety of informational products and software for online and Internet marketing that each individual retains the resell rights to for as long as they are members. The last product is simply put an opportunity to be part of a large travel club that offers discounts on hotels, airfare and travel booking arrangements one would need with vacation packages.

The compensation plan with this particular Internet business is based on direct sales commission which is by far one of the simplest compensation plans to understand.

Compensation will be earned through the affiliate sales of the information products, recruiting members into the Travel Club but mainly focused on recruiting individuals into the YNB program and opportunity itself.

YourNetBiz is a legitimate online business opportunity and training program that some individuals could find success with. Although the program does not offer a truly 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching program it will be best for the new member to team up with a sponsor that is available to help through the learning curve of Internet marketing to truly gain the knowledge base that has brought success to many of us with Internet businesses. It is also best to complete your due diligence before the outlay of money and time making sure you understand what can be expected of the program or opportunity as well as what should be expected or you.