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Sales and Training – Can’t Have One Without the Other

Sales and training. The two go hand in hand. When you look at the most successful salespeople in the industry they have been taught their craft. They take their education very seriously, and you should too.

Nobody is ever “born to be a salesperson”. That stereotype can be insulting to professional salespeople. Individuals that are good at the sales profession have taught themselves to succeed. They have learned how to work with, and respect their customers. They have also mastered a sales process model to help guide an opportunity to closure.

It is amazing to how many organizations think that you can throw someone into a sales role without any training. Every other vocation in the world requires training to match the requirements of the role. A doctor, police officer, convenience store clerk and accountant all have to go through some formalized training regiment.

So do should salespeople.

Today the salesperson does not represent the stereotype we have grown accustomed to in the past. The thought of selling ice cubes to the Eskimos’ is unfair. Today’s selling profession is about customer relationships and problem solving.

In fact, a sales representative can set themselves apart from their competitors by breaking the “smooth talking” stereotype. Customers today want to deal with someone who can solve their business issues, not someone who comes in with a canned sales pitch.

Today the top performers in the sales profession have taught themselves how to ask the right questions. They have learned how to listen attentively. And they know how to tie the customer’s challenges to a value statement that aligns their product with the customer’s requirements.

It may sound easy, but it is not. It is critical for an organization to have a sales and training program. If your organization does not have the ability to bring formal training to you, there are a number of terrific books out there that will help you become better at sales.

Most of all, practice. Be calculated. Be relevant to your customers. Make the money you know you deserve.

Thanks for reading.