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Promote Your Health Events and Trainings With Online Class Management Solution

Most of the nursing homes and government hospitals worldwide organize different kinds of workshops and skill set trainings for their staff. It is a matter of great importance for the healthcare industry. Through these, the staff is trained to know the healthcare aspects better and excel in their work.

Apart from intensive continuing education and certification courses for caregivers, the healthcare sector also organizes different wellness programs for external communities.

Hospitals and nursing homes can use the online class management solution to streamline their internal or external training events and activities with efficient registrations, attendee management, and certifications. The online class management solution is going to transform the way your organization creates, publishes, promotes, sells, and manages training-related programs.

You can considerably reduce your administrative workload and save your precious time by using the Cloud-based, scalable online registration facility. It helps in easily enrolling students in classes and trainings within a short time. Apart from creating the registration pages online, you can also customize them as per your requirements.

To ease your tension in handling diverse class/training payments, the online class management solution has brought in a reliable, multiple payment option. People can pay their class/training registration fees and donate funds through credit cards, purchase orders, checks, or by using their own merchant accounts.
The class management services allow the event organizers to build secure private communities for their members. The private community management platform enables effective engagement with your former patient communities for the purpose of fundraising, developing online platforms of patients, supporting groups, and managing volunteer programs.

The private community solution platform can be used to share and update your members about the ongoing or upcoming classes and trainings and to get post-event feedbacks from the members. The private communities come with dominant features, such as hierarchical calendaring, among others, to simplify the task of nurturing multiple, discreet communities.

Private community management solution also includes a host of social and enterprise networking elements, such as mailing and notification tools, promo codes, and discount rules. It also offers a seamless connectivity to social networks, such as Facebook, and mobile devices, such as smartphones.
In a sense, the web-based class/training solution is ideal for:

• Training Registrations
• Continuing Education and Certifications
• Wellness Workshops
• Community Engagement
• Third-party Audits and Process Evaluation
• Volunteer and Outreach program management

Thus, in a nutshell, the online class/training management solution helps the healthcare organizations increase their class and program registrations, reduce payment problems, schedule class details, and evaluate the progress of programs offered to members.

Doctors Education And Career Information

In India we have a special respect, love and affection towards doctors. The rich culture and heritage may be one reason, why a doctor enjoys a special attention and respect in the society, irrespective of the specialty or the number of degrees to his credit, but being a doctor isn’t that easy, years of rigorous education and then practice take all the juice out of life.

Unlike other western countries, a doctor in India is too engaged with his patients, In the good olden days, people also choose this profession as a service to the society and dedicated their lives.

The medical education in India is quite different from the west, If one wishes to become a doctor in India, after the senior secondary examinations, one has to appear for the entrance examinations that opens up the gates of a medical college, where one undergoes MBBS degree course that is of five and a half year duration, along with one year compulsory residency. Once the individual completes his/her program, they can start practicing as doctor, they can work as duty doctors or resident doctor. Further one can appear for MD/MS program, which is a higher postgraduate degree in the respective specialty.

MD in Medicine
MD is awarded to those medical graduates who are holding the MBBS degree, and after three years of study and passing an examination, which includes both theory and practical, in a pre-clinical or clinical subject of a non-surgical nature. The original research element is not as prominent here, as this is primarily a clinical qualification resembling the professional doctorates of the USA.

MS in Surgery
Similarly in surgery, orthopedics and gynecology the equivalent degree is Master of Surgery (MS). DNB (Diplomate of the National Board) qualification is considered equivalent to the MD and MS qualifications, the difference in both the qualifications is that MD/MS is awarded by the Medical council whereas DNB is from the Diplomate of national board. That can be obtained by passing an exam conducted by national board of examinations after completing 3 years post MBBS training in hospitals recognized by the board.

DM in Medicine and MCh in Surgery
One can go for further specialization in medical or surgical fields, after the first postgraduate degree, which is either MD/MS or DNB. This requires three years of hard rigorous training and study and then passing an examination, both theory and practical, and the degree awarded is DM (Doctorate in Medicine, supers specialty doctor) eg DM in Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastro-enterology etc. For surgical sub specialties the degree awarded is MCh, eg MCh (Cardiac Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery) etc. The DM or MCh degrees are considered equivalent to the Fellowship training offered in the US and are considered as post-doctoral degrees in India, similar to the PhD in India. Once a doctor gains a specialized degree, He /She would further practice in a super specialty hospital.

DNB- Diplomate of National Board
The Diplomate of National board or DNB is the title provided by the National Board of Examinations. It is usually noted as DNB after the name of the individual who has been conferred it. The National Board of examinations is governed by the educational arm of the Health ministry of India. DNB degree was introduced by the Health Ministry in 1975 to provide bench mark standards for higher education in India and to meet global standards.

There are also several diploma and other short-term CME programs for doctor, programs that help them in skills development and knowledge up gradation to new international norms and guidelines.

Considering the population of India, the doctor patient ratio difference is much higher, though India is country where the maximum number of medical students graduate every year, brain drain is one of the major reasons why we have such huge difference in the doctor patient ratio. Doctors migrate to other developed in pursuance of better opportunities.

Slowly but steadily, India too is catching up to the international level and with emergence of many corporate hospital would help retain those highly qualified specialist doctor with in India.

Career and Training Options for Massage Therapy

There are many decisions to make when looking to obtain an education from an accredited massage therapy school. Career and training options for massage therapy are available in different areas and levels to ensure you obtain the education you need. Preparing for a career as a massage therapist can require hands on training as well as traditional coursework. Schools and colleges allow you to obtain an education that is catered to your needs. Start by researching programs to learn about the ones that will fit you individual goals.

Accredited learning programs that provide massage therapy training offer various options for you to choose from. You have the option of obtaining a certificate or degree which can take several months or two years. You will also need to choose the specific area that you wish to train in as this field offers numerous possibilities. The level of training and specialized areas that you decide to complete for training can help you to decide on the career you will pursue. There are a number of occupations that can be entered once you gain a massage therapy education.

Career possibilities can include working as a variety of professions in the alternative healing world. You can study to become a:

  • Massage Therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Reflexologist
  • Natural Healer

The different career options will determine which courses you must complete as well as where you will be able to find employment. Entering the workforce will allow you to find employment in:

  • Spas
  • Clinics
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hospitals

…and other various places. After finding the school or college that fits your needs you can begin completing coursework and learning how to provide relief from physical and mental pain and stress by using various hands on techniques by massaging different muscles.

Coursework will give you the skills that you will need in order to carry out tasks that are involved with massage therapy. This can include massaging the hands, feet, head, back, legs and arms, as well as providing a relaxing atmosphere for your clients. Accredited educational programs and training facilities provide reflexology training, and studies in anatomy, myotherapy, physiology, shiatsu, chakra stimulation, and more. You can also train in acupressure, chiropractics, meditation, kinesiology, and other relative subjects. Researching programs can help you find the best one for your training needs, so start by learning about the options available to you.

When pursuing a career and education from an accredited massage therapy schools you should research a number of programs to ensure you find the one that offers the training you desire. The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation ( is capable of accrediting schools and colleges that offer quality career preparation in this field. Enrolling in an accredited school will guarantee that you obtain the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful. You can begin the path to the career you dream of by finding a program, enrolling today and completing the training that is available to you.

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