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Why Education and Training in the Business World Just Does Not Get It

It happened again. Today I received information on two separate learning events promising me significant cognitive growth. Upon closer, inspection these two announcements reinforced the reason why business education just doesn’t get it. Please let me explain.

You probably know without thinking what 10 x 10 equals. However, if I asked you what 25 x 24 equals your response would not be nearly as quick. The simple reason is that you practice 10 x10 numerous times through the strategy of rote memorization. Today we call rote memorization spaced repetition.

However, you may have only answered 25 x 24 once to two times during your entire lifetime. You did not have numerous opportunities to commit the answer of this multiplication problem to memory.

Yet, there are companies that cater to the professional training and development industry as well as the K-12 education industry that promise to change behaviors. The only problem is that this change is very short lived.

Remember back during your school days and cramming for a final examination. You poured over the books the night before hoping to retain all that critical information. By the time of the test, you remembered only 50% especially if this was your first exposure to the material. You had a 50% chance of getting a true or false question right. Actually, the cramming was far better for multiple choice and fill in the blank responses.

Research tells us that 16 days after a one time exposure to a learning event you remember only 2%. Unless you, the learner have multiple exposures to the information and multiple opportunities to practice what you have learned, you will simply not retain it. Yet, businesses and organizations continue to purchase and deliver learning curriculum that cannot, let me repeat, cannot deliver sustainable performance improvement.

To truly change the behaviors of individuals require far more than read it, learn, test it and forget it. We must restructure learning from a perspective of performance that being the application of knowledge instead of the current perspective of learning that being the acquisition of knowledge.

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) through its ongoing research continues to reveal that most training does not deliver a positive return on investment. Yet, companies continue to send their people to one to three day business education seminars in hopes to change behaviors.

Let me ask you a question. How long did it take you to become the person that you are? Usually, years is the answer. So how can you change years of behavior over the course of 1 to 3 days? Simply speaking, you cannot!

Possibly, this is why corporate coaching and executive coaching has taken off because many of the coaches utilize a developmental process where the learning is staggered over weeks and months not hour and days.

Several years ago, my coach and now friend, David Herdlinger introduced the concept of the K.A.S.H. Box. I then expanded it into the K.A.S.H. Box for Sustainable Change. The core message is that when resources are directed solely to the knowledge and skills while ignoring the attitudes and habits there is no sustainable change that being return on investment. Monies are drained away from the K.A.S.H. Box. As my husband has said: It is not a question of do I know it, but rather do I want to do it.

Until the beliefs are changed that learning something will change behaviors, we will still experience less than positive performance improvement from employees. This belief that learning will change behaviors is the greatest obstacle to economic growth barring none.

So save your dollars and invest those dollars in extended learning engagements that will deliver a positive return on your training and education dollars. Finally, remember, that the brain will absorb only what the butt will endure.

Ways to Achieve Educational and Professional Success

Some institutions aim at promoting excellence at every level of graduate education. They have a dynamic community of students, teachers and researchers who strive to achieve both, educational and professional success.

The focus is on developing interpersonal skills to equip pupils to attain competence in their chosen field and achieve professional excellence as they move ahead in life. Some students are trained to understand the value of building relationships.

Such institutions have played an important role in shaping the character of the nation’s pool of talent for a long time. It has, right from its inception, had the largest enrollment of doctoral students in the United States. This is an achievement in itself, and many students are proud being part of such a prestigious institution.

The graduate schools offers programs in specific disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. You can opt either for a Masters or a PhD program. If you opt for the Masters degree you have an array of programs to choose from. These programs generally take two years to complete if you study full-time.

The PhD program could take anywhere from four to seven years and prepares you to become a professional in your chosen field. They are more in demand than usual these days, as individuals are using the state of the economy as an opportunity to continue their education. Even the New York Times reported over a year ago that this would likely be a trend.

There are many programs a university can offer their pupils that some other schools may not. The Office of Global Programs provides them the ability to study abroad in almost 50 different countries from Argentina, to Botswana, to Ghana, to even a semester at sea! The University has paired up with countless other programs across the globe to bring these great opportunities to their pupils. The office even offers an exchange student program at 9 different universities.

These world-class programs help students meet their educational goals and objectives. This is done with support from a staff that is devoted to effective teaching. They seek to prepare pupils for lifelong success in whichever career they choose. Skills such as problem solving ability and critical ability are instilled in them and ensure that they are able to pursue their graduate studies.

Being in this school is a challenging and intellectually exhilarating task, and students will vouch for this.