The IPST (International Professional Speaking and Training) Industry – A Case Study

This case study is an unbiased report on the International Professional Speaking & Training Industry. The names of organizations mentioned herein are neither linked nor related to each other in any way, shape or form unless specifically stated so. They are only being mentioned herein for their efforts in building this industry.

The International Professional Speaking and Training (IPST) Industry, as we know it today, is a global phenomenon, which has been in existence for several decades and now exponentially growing in the new millennium.

That which began as public speaking that involves oratorical skills, which can influence and motivate others to do what we want them to do, since time immemorial, has transformed into an industry where Professional Speakers and Trainers are paid top dollars for sharing their know-how. Here, the Professional Speakers and
Trainers hone their speaking and people-relations skills to a level that does command such top payments.

Professional Speakers and Trainers of International caliber usually earn a minimum of USD10000 per keynote speech alone, with the high-end speakers going for more than USD100,000 per keynote speech. This is a small fraction of the actual earnings of these speakers and trainers as much of their income comes from consultations, coaching, the sales receipts of workshops, books and other items including CDs, e-books, online seminars, etc.

The number of International caliber Professional Speakers and Trainers who earn a minimum of USD10000 per keynote or more is said to be around the region of 20000, most of them hailing from the USA and Europe and only a handful from Asia.

The global market of attendees for an average large conference in most major cites is approximately 5000 pax. The average size for a seminar is 500-1000 pax. The average workshop size is 100-500 pax.

Based on the current global population of Seminars & Workshop attendees, which is fast growing, globally, creating even more demand for Professional Speakers and Trainers, and based on the fact that there are only a few speakers who can meet this demand currently, there is potential for at least another 100000 Professional Speakers and Trainers at this moment. There are at least 10000 seminars/workshops that are ongoing throughout Asia, in different industries, public and private, every month and growing.

There are various e-learning & academic institutions that teach the theories to becoming speakers & trainers.

These know-hows are valuable knowledge & tools for aspiring individuals to learn & apply in their programs/speeches. Some world-renowned Universities also offer these programs, providing certificate, diplomas & degree programs in various learning & professional development faculties. One has to have academic entry level qualifications to enter these courses.

International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) offers Certified Professional Trainer (CPT), which is a third party program. CPT is one platform that may offer a Career as a Professional Trainer in some parts of Asia. They may provide opportunities to practice training skills & may give training engagements.
There are numerous other train-the-trainer programs that equip those with little or no academic qualifications, with excellent tools for training. These Programs usually range from a few days to a few weeks, designed & conducted by many various individuals globally.

There is also the world’s only educational, edification and experiential program for Professional Speakers and Trainers. These Programs include industry-wide entry-level certifications to graduate courses. These are also the only graduate courses, which come with the legal guarantee of a Professional Speaking/Training career or money back.

Developed and delivered by SHINE ADA (SHINE Academia De Aedificatio), admissions into these courses/
programs are subject to panel interview assessments with strict evaluation. There is a restriction to the number of applicants into these graduate programs, per intake. The Programs offer complete A-Z tools plus the marketing dynamism for a Successful Career as Professional Speakers/Trainers. This includes a Platform to promote them, through the Global Professional Body, SHINE ADASTA (ADA Speakers & Trainers Alliance.)

= Time Freedom – Flexible working hours & have more time in hand.
= High Income Potential – One can decide how much he/she is worth & wants to earn.
= High Self-Esteem – Being appreciated & known for causing POSITIVE CHANGES in fellow human beings.
= Holiday around the World – Overseas Speaking/ Training Assignments that are fully paid holidays.
= Building New Friendships – Expand network of like-minded people & learn cultures around the world.

As in any enterprise, every Professional Speaker/Trainer is a business entity. Starting from basics, once established, this platform gives satisfactory Long-Term Benefits. This can take anywhere from 1 to 10 years to accomplish.

The various development opportunities of a World-Class Professional Speakers/Trainers are as follows:
· Global Opportunity .
· Multiple-Stream Income
· Additional &/or Residual Income (as Royalty)
· Global Branding
· Creating a Social Enterprise
· Creating Teams of Professional Speakers & Trainers
· New Opportunities

There are many other sectors/businesses that leverage on this industry. Those who do not see themselves
becoming a professional speaker/ trainer, for any reason, can consider venturing into the following sectors, that very often stand to profit, focusing on growing with the trillion dollar professional speaking & training industry.
The Top Most on the list are MARKETERS & PROMOTERS of Professional Speakers & Trainers. There
have been many success stories of millionaires created by promoting Professional Speakers & Trainers.

The other businesses that can leverage on the IPST Industry include:
· Business Investors
· Events Management
· Exhibition Organizers;
· Education;
· Media, such as Production House, Advertising Agencies, Publishing Houses
· Web-Based Services
· Printing;
· Design & Construction;
· Accounting & Finance;
· Travel & Hospitality;
· Insurance;
· Travel, and much more.

* Parts/ Extracts from the Case Study Report from SHINE ADASTA (Academia De Aedificatio Speakers & Trainers Alliance) global accreditation body for professional speakers and trainers, global training providers & speakers’ bureaus.