Promote Your Health Events and Trainings With Online Class Management Solution

Most of the nursing homes and government hospitals worldwide organize different kinds of workshops and skill set trainings for their staff. It is a matter of great importance for the healthcare industry. Through these, the staff is trained to know the healthcare aspects better and excel in their work.

Apart from intensive continuing education and certification courses for caregivers, the healthcare sector also organizes different wellness programs for external communities.

Hospitals and nursing homes can use the online class management solution to streamline their internal or external training events and activities with efficient registrations, attendee management, and certifications. The online class management solution is going to transform the way your organization creates, publishes, promotes, sells, and manages training-related programs.

You can considerably reduce your administrative workload and save your precious time by using the Cloud-based, scalable online registration facility. It helps in easily enrolling students in classes and trainings within a short time. Apart from creating the registration pages online, you can also customize them as per your requirements.

To ease your tension in handling diverse class/training payments, the online class management solution has brought in a reliable, multiple payment option. People can pay their class/training registration fees and donate funds through credit cards, purchase orders, checks, or by using their own merchant accounts.
The class management services allow the event organizers to build secure private communities for their members. The private community management platform enables effective engagement with your former patient communities for the purpose of fundraising, developing online platforms of patients, supporting groups, and managing volunteer programs.

The private community solution platform can be used to share and update your members about the ongoing or upcoming classes and trainings and to get post-event feedbacks from the members. The private communities come with dominant features, such as hierarchical calendaring, among others, to simplify the task of nurturing multiple, discreet communities.

Private community management solution also includes a host of social and enterprise networking elements, such as mailing and notification tools, promo codes, and discount rules. It also offers a seamless connectivity to social networks, such as Facebook, and mobile devices, such as smartphones.
In a sense, the web-based class/training solution is ideal for:

• Training Registrations
• Continuing Education and Certifications
• Wellness Workshops
• Community Engagement
• Third-party Audits and Process Evaluation
• Volunteer and Outreach program management

Thus, in a nutshell, the online class/training management solution helps the healthcare organizations increase their class and program registrations, reduce payment problems, schedule class details, and evaluate the progress of programs offered to members.